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The Business Network Trust (BNT) has evolved from the New Deal for Communities (NDC) initiative- a 10 year scheme ending in March 2011. The NDC worked for the benefit of the local community including the businesses located in the North East of Coventry. During late 2009 the businesses took over full control of the BNT organisation in order to establish independent management and processes that would ensure its on-going operations far into the future.

The BNT is run by its board representing companies from Alderman’s Green, Alpha and Henley Business Parks. All of the board are unpaid volunteers.

The aims and objective of the trust are as follows,

  1. Share a common voice to benefit all the businesses
    a. When linking to public bodies i.e. The Chamber, Coventry City Council etc. For example when looking at funding opportunities
    b. As a lobbying group
    c. Providing signposting services for businesses needing help
  2. Create an environment in which businesses can thrive
    a. Security and control of crime
    b. A pleasant environment in which to work
    c. Encourage collaborative working
    d. Encourage inter-trading amongst businesses e.g. networking
    e. To define the nature and amount of financial support available
  3. Encourage businesses to support the area
    a. Providing employment and work experience
    b. Promoting good relationships with local educational establishments
    c. Contributing to the common good e.g. the security scheme

Graham Harrington