4 Advertising: Your New Friend

Advertising: Your New Friend

You might be scrolling in your phone, or walking in your neighborhood, or even in a hospital, and what do you see? An ad is always there for you. But not like the cast of a famous 90’s sitcom, but mostly like the “I really really wanna be part of your life” kind of guy. And you may be thinking this is just a way for companies to get to your pocket, but let’s think again, together.

Using advertising in your favor

It doesn’t matter where you are, do you know who else wants to be there with you? Branded products. And is not their fault, they need you to survive. So, in exchange, let me give you a few techniques that you can use to always get the information you need, or even get better deals.

Turning social media into your personal assistant

The main social media search engines are now equipped with lots of new tools that help the companies find you even before you start looking for them. So, next time you need a place to have dinner, or to buy new shoes, just look for it. Anything related will do. And then, scroll down and let the best branded products find you. It’s magical, and benefits both parts.

Shopping carts that lose prices on the way

Do you ever shop online? Who doesn’t? Well, next time, use this advice and you’ll thank us later. Look for what you need, add it to your cart, wish list, or whatever the website has that replaces the concept. That’s you way of saying “I’m interested in this”. Then, don’t buy it. Now is their job to tell you “Hey, you forgot to buy this, but anyway, here’s a better deal that the one you almost got”.

Same flights, better deals

Same principle as the last one, but a little bit different. This time, when you’re about to book your flight, enter your information, but don’t close the deal. Just let it hanging for a while. Make it feel for the company that you’re about to change your mind. Then, beep! A new email has come. It is a flight to your destination, but with a better price! Of course, this is not going to work in an airline website, but in those websites that look the prices for you, you’ll turn into a god. Now it’s your turn to try!